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I have a form on my page, but when I view the page it prints [FrontPage Save Results Component] and the form doesn't work.
The Broken Hyperlinks report shows I have broken links in some pages, but when I check those pages the links don't seem to exist.
How can I make a "hidden" hit counter for a Web page?
How do I make it so that when the user clicks on a hyperlink, it opens a new browser window?
I set the page margins to "0", but they don't appear that way in Netscape Navigator.
I added a background sound, but it doesn't work in Netscape Navigator.
Is there a setting I can use that will automatically redirect the users to a different page after a few seconds?
I'm getting error messages when I try to use the Hover Buttons.
When I hit return, I get a double-space. How do I insert a single space (line break)?
How do I make proper nouns (like George Washington) stay on the same line?
I tried to paste some code that I copied from a Web page into the HTML view in FrontPage, but it got reformatted and now appears as code in the Normal view.
When I publish my website from my hard disk to my server, FrontPage wants to upload several large files that are already on the server. How do I prevent this?
How do you remove references to FrontPage from the HTML code?
I'm sure that the FrontPage 2000 server extensions are installed on my server. However, some of the FrontPage features (like Security and SubWebs) don't work.
I have a hidden field in a form. I changed the value and saved the page, but when I re-opened it the old value had returned.
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